Using blog for professional career recording

I have just been reading Jon Udell’s musings on the use of a blog for a resume and autobiography. This fits well for my main use of a motley collection of blogs and blog-like sites that I have been mainly using as laboratory notebooks for various research and development projects. I tend to record useful information gleaned from web pages, emails and other people’s blog entries. These entries are sprinkled with purchasing information for various gadgets I am thinking of buying.

I have also been using my own Ajax web site building tool DotTegular as a pseudo-blog. I have found this useful in tracing my academic activities over the last 18 months – useful for performance appraisals for example.

Jon suggests escalating this into a true professional activity and life activity logbook. This seems to me to eminently sensible. I will try and follow this model in this new blog which I hope will become my one and only blog from now on, especially as I now have the power of WordPress to call upon.


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