Update of useful software utilities

I have been using ActiveWords SE the cheapest version of the software for several months and it has found a significant place in my everyday routine. It allows you to type words or abbreviations to launch apps, open folders, view web pages and so on without the need to use iconic shortcuts and other tools. Words are much easier to remember and your fingers stay on the keyboard increasing productivity.

However, ActiveWords SE has not been updated since March and no longer available for purchase from their site. I therefore took advantage of the 60-day free trial of ActiveWords Plus with more features and a powerful scripting option. I am awaiting correct details for the cheap upgrade option which requires you to email them for instructions.

Although not used every day the SnagIt image and video capture program has also found a big place in my software tool collection. The new upgrade to version 8 is just announced and adds some heavyweight features including saving images to PDF format. I feel it is worth the 15 USD uprgrade cost.


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