When will we see BondBlog?

As reported in a Wired Campus blog entry another university library, Uni of Michigan, has set up a free blogging service for staff and students, mBlog. How long before we see BondBlog? If our BlackBoard system can’t give it to us how about the upcoming multi-user version of WordPress known as WordPressMU? Just another server needed!


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  1. Peta says:

    Not for a little while yet.. The Library has been talking to TS about establishing a news blog for a couple of months and the latest is we will be going with a freebie just to get something started.
    Server + skills not in place just yet.

    In the meantime Uniblogs — http://www.uniblogs.org/ and Edublogs — http://www.edublogs.org/ may fill a gap. Thanks to Kate Clarkson for alerting me to these.
    Kate’s blog Teaching, Learning, meet Technology — http://teachingmeettechnology.blogspot.com/

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