Dynamic Personal Home Pages – Web 2.0 starting to bite?

The range of companies offering users access to their own dynamic personal home pages is expanding at a great pace. Dynamic pages consist of collections of presentation modules each of which arranges to update its content dynamically. Typical examples consist of RSS feeds, weather, stock prices, quotes of the day, web cams, traffic information and so on.

Some of my favourite sites are Goowy, Live, Protopage and Pageflakes. All sites require a user to register free of charge to gain access to the personalisation features. The beauty of these Web 2.0 services is that users need know nothing of HTML and simple select their modules and place them on the page by dragging and dropping.

Live (gadget documentation) and Pageflakes (documentation) provide an API for writing one’s own modules that can use Ajax technology to arrange for the population of the dynamic content. Currently I am experimenting with Matt Carter and Ben Novakovic to build a lightweight learning management system based on one or more of these dynamic personal home page frameworks. Other educational uses will also be investigated.

Of course the Web 2.0 developments continue on their explosive course. A good place to see a list of such developments in a geographical context is the Web 2.0 Innovation Map.


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3 Responses to Dynamic Personal Home Pages – Web 2.0 starting to bite?

  1. Peta says:

    Another handy way to keep up with web 2.0 developments is Emily Chang’s eHub

  2. mrees says:

    I find the best source of web 2.0 developments to be TechCrunch.

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