Recent Ajax Developments

It’s been a productive couple of weeks for Ajax links in my collection. The stand out is which contains a treasure trove of Ajax libraries as well as APIs, Web 2.0 sites and reference documentation. I heard of this on the Inside the Net podcast 13 from Amber McCarthur and Leo Laporte.

Another significant Ajax toolset is the one from IBM Alphaworks that adds Ajax functionality to Eclipse. This is the equivalent of the Atlas technology for Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 from Microsoft.

Yahoo now have available an Ajax library with lots of useful examples. More importantly they have impressive technical advice by way of Ajax patterns.


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3 Responses to Recent Ajax Developments

  1. ecpod says:

    Just curious if you can help me take a look at my 100% AJAX social network site. Do you think we have implemented AJAX properly here? Thanks.


  2. Michael says:

    Individual Ajax-enabled components are good. Home page much too busy with distracting animation and just generally too much information. Needs to be much more simple and subtle.

  3. ecpod says:

    I see, Thanks for the feedback.

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