GTD and Lifehacks at 43Folders

Since first hearing of David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD) last year and borrowing his 5-year old book from the library I have become ever more enamoured with his simple methods to become organised. I eventually was able to buy a paperback copy of Getting Things Done in an excellent Borders in Wyong on the way back from Tasmania.

Visiting David Allen’s site I was able to purchase his guide to setting up the task structure in Outlook to deploy his system Like a lot of people I use Outlook to order my work primarily via email triggers but now combining email with tasks according to GTD principles.

Many sites mention GTD but one that took my eye was PigPogPDA which shows how to use the famous brand Moleskine paper notebooks to implement a simplified system of GTD. I tracked down the Gold Coast Moleskine dealer to Pen & Ink at Australia Fair and began my Moleskine GTD PDA. It was not very successful overall but became vital for a short period before and during Christmas after my trusty NEC PDA failed and the arrival of my new O2 XDA Atom phone/PDA was delayed.

However, the best site of all for GTD tips is Merlin Mann’s 43Folders. Not only does he fully embrace GTD with lots of tips and tricks but also adds lifehacks that either extedn GTD or add insights of his Merlin’s own. Sadly a lot of his useful text tools are Mac only but the ideas can be used on all platforms. His effective use of Quicksilver gave me my idea of my new tool DotClippings, more of which anon.


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