Relief – my publication deadlines are met

A week ago I managed to submit my paper entitled ‘Ultra Lightweight Web Applications: A Single-Page Wiki employing a Partial Ajax Solution’ to AusWeb 2006. Writing this paper was an enjoyable, but time-consuming, mix of Ajax development of DotWikIE and describing the tool and its uses in the paper.

This was followed by a frenetic 10 days putting together a chapter for a book with title ‘Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems & Technology’ being edited by Terry Kidd and to be published by the Idea Group Publishing, Inc. The chapter title is ‘Building a Learning Management System with Ubiquitous Software – the Microsoft Office System’ and is account of the various uses Charles Herring and I have put SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services. It will be June before we hear about final acceptance.

So now, back to blogging!


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