Blooks – something for aspiring bloggers

Once more I have discovered another new word to do with blogging that has been around for a few months but has passed me by. It was only when reading a BBC News blog entry a couple of days ago, US Cook Wins Blogging Book Prize, that I discovered ‘blooks’. According to Wikipedia definitiona ‘blook is a book serialized on a blog site’ and it may be subsequently published as a printed book.

This idea is a natural follow-on for my New Year’s resolution to turn this blog into a professional diary and logbook. What better than to incorporate a favourite topic and structure it as a well thought out serialisation in book-like form. Using the category tags in this WordPress blog you could devote one category per blook, or indeed, start a new blog for each blook.

As asmall postscript I must mention the Lulu Blooker Prize, a lovely play on words. As a coincidence I am seriously thinking of using the self-publishing web site Luluto publish the text of The Book of Handy Hints a book project with Ron Bateman and myself that languished some time ago due to Dot Bateman’s serious illness.


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