Rudeness in Everyday Life

As old age creeps up it is natural to start to rail against the rudeness of others, especially the young. Like many others of my age the reading of Lynee Truss’ Talk to the Hand brings relief and the knowledge you are not alone in noticing the extreme rudeness that has crept into our lives.

Lynne makes a point about searching on the Internet, and the Internet in general, which I hadn’t considered. She says ‘..[the Internet] is the supreme example of an impersonal and inflexible system which will provide information if you do the hard work searching for it, but crucially (a) doesn’t promise anything as a reward for all the efforts, (b) will never engage in dialogue, (c) is much, much bigger than you are, and (d) only exists in a virtual kind of way, so never has to apologise.’ By implication large companies and the public in general are modelling this behaviour. A thought worth pondering.


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