Tools for the sophisticated Web 2.0 person

I listened to an Inside the Net podcast on the train yesterday about Big in Japan (the non-obvious URL of The set of web tools they are building is extensive and very specialised. All are in alpha but the functionality is so small and focussed they are still usable. The tools such as FankenFeed, InstantFeed and elfURL each do a very specific job. In general all tools are useful for those users who are heavily involved in Web 2.0 applications and make use of blogs, social information sharing, and web-based apps that extend or replace free-standing apps.

Podserve is a place to store your podcasts up to about 1 GB in total. Once stored in Podserve the links can be added to iTunes, for example.

There are a number of tools listed on the site that are not here yet but look very interesting and worth the wait.


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