Happenings in Blogging and Podcasting

Peta has been busy in the recent week or so with various useful messages. She has used the OPMLWorkStation site to aggregate RSS feeds for the various sources at Bond, particularly the Library and a number of individuals including myself. On following up the OPMLWorkStation links I discovered I had signed up to this service a year ago and had used its PowerPoint to OPML conversion feature to create OPML of my AusWeb 2005 slides. I then took the opportunity to import my feeds OPML from Bloglines and make it public. [This useful RSS site had slid below my attention horizon along with several other sites I am sure. I need a tool that records easily every site I register for and perhaps reminds me via a ‘Site-of-the-Day’ link in my blog reader.]

Peta also passed on the message that Mark had discovered the new word, textcasting (in Sarah Houghton’s blog entry), for the practice of using the description/lyrics text field in an audio podcast file to relay text information. Sarah describes an MP3 file without any audio but just containing the text information. This Week in Media, one of the podcasts I listen to regularly, uses this technique to incorporate show notes for the audio and allows easy access to the hyperlinks mentioned therein. In this case the podcast audio is present. In iTunes you can access the shownotes for the podcast.

Incidentally, I really like textcasting as a word.


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