BlackBoard Day at Bond

I was looking forward to interacting with fellow academics at last Thursday’s (1 June) BlackBoard Day which was held at Bond. I carefully planned my clashing teaching commitments around the substantial programme published well ahead of time. Sadly technical and late-arriving speaker problems played havoc with the morning timetable causing me to miss the Netspot talk, the one I definitely hoped to see. Fortunately it turned out to be less interesting than expected, and an impressive follow-up email to participants arrived today with plenty of links to the Netspot resources.

Tony McGuire gave us a status report on the Bb-WebCT merger which is only 3 months in, so apart from staffing reorgs there was not much to learn. I did manage a good talk with Tony at tea to discuss the Microsoft SharePoint/Bb alliance although he was not across the detail. Significantly he was more than happy to find out more and urged me to email him a reminder. I will definitely follow up on this.

Stephen Atherton from Apple covered the basics of podcasting and RSS with some good demos of iTunes for distribution and iLife for content creation. I was continually annoyed though as he tried to convince us that the proprietary Quicktime format was a ‘standard’ alongside the genuine standards from the MPEG stable. It is true that Quicktime is cross-platform and easily interworks with the MPEG stuff, but at this rate we will see Flash being called a standard next. Sadly Stephen was not very forthcoming in conversation afterwards when offered the opportunity for Apple to sponsor some content creation suites at Bond!

I was obviously interested in novel content creation techniques and educational uses of BlackBoard. Many of the other participants from other unis were Blackboard technical and support staff, and naturally were more interested in policies for technology support, e-learning and governance. Nevertheless Roy Kennedy’s (CQU) talk about approaches to learning design and his extensive set of online examples and templates.

Maybe there will be more academics at the new combined Bb-WebCT conference in Melbourne in September?

Bb Day Agenda


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  1. atho says:

    terribly sorry I was not forthcoming regarding freebies for Bond 🙂 We tend not to give hardware away and require a pretty solid business case to do so. Point taken about QuickTime- I shall tone down the QT evangelism!

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