Attracted to SafariU

I just read Jon Udell’s blog entry about an interview he podcast with with CJ Rayhill who is the CIO at O’Reilly and Associates. She talks about the newly released full version of SafariU which allows lecturers to combine their own material plus segments of books from Safari Online into a customised printed textbook. This book is printed on demand when ordered by the lecturer’s university bookshop. This great solution completely eliminates the problem of one or more textbooks not containing the correct content for a subject.

I am more attracted to the online reading list (or syllabus), again composed of segments from online textbooks and other electronic material, that can be created for a subject. Here the students pay O-Reilly by credit card for access over a limited time (2 to 5 months) during the teaching semester. Typically the cost is less than half the purchase price of a textbook or customised compilation.

The podcast also described a survey conducted by O’Reilly in how information technology students like to receive their information, and what searchable online content, if any, they expect.


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