Screencasting directory and other links

Peta posted up an invaluable link to a directory of screencasting resources from Jeremy Wagstaff containing a lot of applications I had not yet seen. It is good to see that the screencasting work invented by Jon Udell is gaining traction and becoming mainstream.

Other valuable links, Comet and Slow Load, from my links last month refer to a novel technique being referred to as ‘reverse Ajax’ where the HTTP connection is held open to allow the web server to push further data as it becomes available in real-time. I must spend more time to understand and experiment with this concept. [Technorati: ]

After listening to a HanselMinutes podcast the thought of a free PDF reader, FoxIt, that loads in a second or two was definitlely a big plus.

Other notable links:

  • HelpReader: read manuals in CHM format online
  • Zookoda: allow readers of your blog to receive daily/weekly/monthly emails of your blog items 

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