DotWikIE scores best paper at AusWeb 2006

I attended the AusWeb 2006 conference in Noosa during 1 to 5 July and caught up with fellow web researchers in technology, education and information science. The keynotes covered a wide variety of web topics as usual and the quality was generally high. There was high interest in Amanda Spink’s keynote on web search engine quality comparisons and trends in web search. Amanda has many years experience in this area and has amassed very large datasets. Australia is lucky to have her here (she is now based at QUT). Libraries and their online presence were well-represented as usual. Cindy Hill from Sun showed how they were aggregating many electronic resources in SunLibrary with lessons for most institutional libraries. I particularly enjoyed seeing the local efforts of our own NLA described by Tony Boston and their work with multimedia collections and federating Australia’s state libraries holdings.

Once again we had W3C’s ever expanding activities explained by Ivan Herman in a keynote concentrating on the semantic web work amongst many other web standards. With the demise of the DSTC it is good to see the Australia W3C representation has been energetically taken over by the CSIRO ICT Centre who took on a high-profile role at the conference.

Blogging and wikis were one of the major talking points of the conference. The keynote from Tony Palmer from C4 Communications supposedly about Bigpond’s Bigblog service, inspired, designed and operated by C4. However we spent most of the discussion on the impact and use of web-based advertising which was less interesting.

The highlight of the conference dinner was our table’s winning the web trivia competition, a traditional AusWeb activity. One of our table, Marilyn Jones from Bond’s Business School, went on to win the iPod Nano prize.

I presented my paper, ‘Ultra Lightweight Web Applications: A Single-Page Wiki employing a Partial Ajax Solution‘, which describes my work implementing DotWikIE, a single-page Wiki application. What I have termed ultra lightweight web applications is an exciting new category of applications employing parts of the Ajax technology. There was standing room only in that session and a lot of discussion and intelligent questions. It was unexpected and very pleasing to be awarded the Paul Thistlewaite Award for Best Paper at AusWeb06 at the close of the conference.


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  1. Peta says:

    I’ve added a comment to your AusWeb paper on epublications@bond about the award.

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