Shrinking URLs to a useful length

Michael Fraser recently sent a group of us a useful URL that spanned 3 lines in an email. Some email programs less friendly than Outlook insert line breaks into such URLs so the recipient can’t simply click on them or even do a simple copy and paste into the browser.

There are several sites that offer very simple solutions to this problem. The site that I have seen used the most is [Remember in Internet Explorer just type ‘shrinkster’ into the Address field and press Ctrl-Enter.] No registration is necessary. Just paste your long URL into the textbox and click ‘Shrink It!’. For Michael’s URL Shrinkster gives in seconds:   copy  track
  • Shrinkster has reduced the length of your original URL from 275 characters to just 25 characters.
  • Your Shrinkster URL will never expire and you may use it as often as you like.
  • Your Shrinkster URL is not case-sensitive.

So in this example you send to your recipients. You can even find out how many users actually used the URL!

Other sites that provide similar services:


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