Latest survey of US bloggers makes interesting reading

The latest report on blogging from the Pew Internet and Amercian Life Project resulted from a representative phone survey. To quote from the summary:

A telephone survey of a nationally-representative sample of bloggers has found that blogging is inspiring a new group of writers and creators to share their voices with the world. Some 54% of bloggers say that they have never published their writing or media creations anywhere else; 44% say they have published elsewhere. While generally youthful, these writers otherwise represent a broad demographic spectrum of people who cite a variety of topics and motives for their blogging. Eight percent of internet users, or about 12 million American adults, keep a blog. Thirty-nine percent of internet users, or about 57 million American adults, read blogs a significant increase since the fall of 2005.

I find it surprising that blog authors still only account for 8% of all internet users. On the other hand the 39% that read blogs far exceeds my guess. Overall this encourages me to continue blogging and to spur others around me to do so.


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