Reaction to questionable Blackboard patent

Of all the articles and blogs I have read concerning the highly questionable Blackboard patent I liked Kate’s blog entry the best. Her summary of ‘Ick. Ick, ick, ick.’ is succinct and accurate, well said Kate. Teachers in institutions all over the world have been applying Internet and web technology to online teaching since the early 1990s so I find it incredulous that any company could apply for a patent on the idea.

Of course Leigh commented in his blog post and introduced the Blackweb nick name. Of more interest to me in this article was the revealing cartoon by Darcy Norman on a very plausible alternative:


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons (Attribution) license.?

This exactly encapsulates my own thinking, now spanning several months, about building an LMS 2.0 out of existing, free Web 2.0 services. These can be combined with a very lightweight Ajax framework to provide a flexible LMS for the cost of a single server to house the minimal set of web pages that are needed. I have been touting my LMS 2.0 project to MIT students for a while and have it as my primary PhD project should a student be interested.

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