Our new Distributed Systems and Web Applications Major

Drive the Web 2.0 Revolution!

The Distributed Systems and Web Applications Major provides the student with the skills to build advanced interactive web applications that form the interface to enterprise distributed information systems. Graduates implement and integrate a wide range of open source and leading proprietary software technologies that the computing industry uses to exploit information and communication technologies.

Graduates will have studied a foundation set of programming, database and networking subjects. Advanced subjects cover building web applications, web services, mobile networks, and move on to learn integration skills for middleware and enterprise architectures constructed with industrial-strength application development environments. These important technologies are learned in association with project management, group work and leadership, and the all-important business skills for being effective in today’s business world. The approach to learning is carefully planned to allow the graduate to continue to keep abreast of new information and communication technologies as they emerge with increasing regularity into the future.

Distributed systems and web applications graduates can expect to be proficient in the design, implementation, deployment and maintenance of complex, interactive web applications (Web 2.0) integrated with enterprise information systems. These web applications are used for e-commerce businesses, social networks, new media distribution, online business applications and the growing number of online services that support commerce, government, the professions and the community at large.


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