This week’s new words: netorati and couple surfing

My eye was drawn to a couple of words new to me in a Reutersarticle in The Australian this morning (8 August 2006, ‘Couple surfing cuts out the small talk’, p 34). ‘Netorati’ seems to refer to avid Internet users, and at the time of writing does not even appear in Wikipedia!

To quote from the article, ‘Coined by bloggers responding to a column on the online version of Wired (,71074-0.html ), couple surfing describes netaholics or infomaniacs who surf alongside each other — doing together what used to be seen as a solitary activity.’ Sad to report that my wife and I often surf alongside each other, our computers are next to one another at home, but we would strongly reject the tags of netaholics and infomaniacs!


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