Some Hand Gesture Input Mechanisms

A message from an MIT Honours graduate of Bond, Michael “Flashie” Battle, pointed me to the video showing Jeff Han showing off his “inexpensive” multi-touch sensing device. Like everyone who has seen it I am impressed. However my mind immediately turns to the APIs that are needed for software to use it and the need for a totally new, and rather costly, input device.

Michael’s blog entries about this topic continue to be highly informative and are interlaced with his own prototypes showing off some great ideas. Try out his Mb3Digg live interface. It drove me crazy for a few minutes while I mastered the mouse navigation, especially trying to keep a digg item still on the screen to read it fully!

I just finished watching a ScobleShow video podcast called Gestures of Microsoft Research, A Walking Tour, a lot of it less than exciting. However, about 40 minutes in I was blown away with how a $30 camera and simple hand gestures could achieve most of what Jeff Han’s much more complex solution did.


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