Have the Knowledgeable Public Write Your Book?

In yet another insightful article by Brock Read in Wired Campus entitled “A Business Book, Wiki-Style” the concept of having the public write your next book is exposed. The process is simple:

  1. Think of a title: We Are Smarter Than Me, a new book that tries to help businessmen make sense of blogs, online communities, and other interactive Web media
  2. Create a suitable wiki with chapter headings and opening anecdotes
  3. Entice your authors: “Be an author of the first networked book on business.  Together we will write the book on how the emergence of community and social networks will change the future rules of business.”
  4. At the closing date employ ghostwriters to edit and refactor the text for publication
  5. Present the project at a suitable conference

Money for old rope?


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