The End to Home Server Blues

Over the last year I have had two dismal attempts to use network attached storage solutions for my home network of Windows boxes. Both as it happens were Linux-based solutions. The inexpensive and compact Linksys NSLU2 was easy to set up by attaching external hard drives but the web-based admin was poorly designed and you can’t use Windows-formatted drives. The device didn’t recover well from router reboots and was a disappointment. I then dabbled with the FreeNAS Linux software as recommended by my favourite Call For Help programme on the How To cable channel.Trying it out in a virtual machine it failed to operate but I had hoped to try it out on a real box soon.

But really excellent news broke yesterday. Microsoft announced an unexpected new product, Windows Home Server, running on a small unattended box in your cupboard. Not only will it be Windows Server-based and hence immediately compatible with Windows boxes, but it will offer much more than easily-administered shared network storage. It will offer access to old versions of files and allow them to be conveniently restored. Complete system images are stored so that if a drive fails the system can be restored in a couple of hours on a new drive without any reinstall. Web-based remote access gives access to files from anywhere on the web. To top it all Windows Home Server can act as a proxy to allow secure remote login to any machine on your home network. Sweet! I can’t wait. Watch the video on Channel 10 to be convinced.

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