Emailing to your blog on the road

Some blogging engines allow you to email entries to your blog. My WordPress blog site that I run on a hosting service apparently allows this but I have never been able to set up a valid email account. Therefore discovering a much easier way to email to my blog comes as a useful service. I was alerted to blogmailr by a post on a completely different subject from one of my favourite Microsoft bloggers Frank Arrigo.

Blogmailr just needs your blog address and account details and gives you a somewhat strange email address. So from Outlook I am using that email address to post this entry.

I much prefer to use Windows Live Writer which I always use now to write all my blog entries. However if you find yourself on a machine without Windows Live Writer and are desperate to blog then blogmailr looks like a useful alternative, provided you can remember the email address assigned to you. It appears the email message goes to blogmailr which then uses similar methods to Windows Live Writer to create an entry on your blog.

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