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I was impressed with Peta’s entry on Get that carnival in Bloglines which uses the Bloglines search blog syndication feature. Having just switched from Bloglines I was dismayed at missing out on this feature; there is no equivalent in Google Reader.

However, I linked over to Google Blog Search to find a blog search feature there. I tried it out on my own stand-out product from CES, Windows Home Server. Here is the blog search feed for entries in the last week. The big downside is having to manually visit Google Blog Search as, very strangely, there is no link from the Google Reader page.


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One Response to Feeds for Blog Searches

  1. Peta Hopkins says:

    Glad you found it useful. I believe that you can still use the Bloglines search syndication without an account.

    Here’s your search in Bloglines (I did this without being logged in) – Bloglines search for “Home Windows Server”. On the top-right of the page there are two links. The first is the subscribe with Bloglines link, the second is for anyone to use with other feed readers.

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