Impressive Windows Presentation Foundation Apps Appearing

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the all-new user experience (UX) component of .NET 3.0. Of course .NET 3.0 is built in to Windows Vista and is downloadable for Windows XP. Developers are starting to come to grips with XAML the declarative XML-based notation used by WPF. Some impressive WPF desktop applications are starting to appear at a rapid rate.

Thanks to Frank Arrigo for his blog entry pointing us (via James Senior’s blog) to Wikipedia Explorer which gives us an animated 3D view of a chosen Wikipedia page and its relation to other directly associated concepts/pages. It’s a great way to browse intelligently the pages of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Explorer shows us another cool aspect of .NET, the ClickOnce deployment mechanism. A simple click on Wikipedia Explorer will first test that .NET 3.0 is installed, install this if necessary, then install the application.

Update: try the British Library page turning app as well.


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