Highlighting Online Learning Skills for Students

Educause Quarterly (EQ) vol 30 no 1 2007 is proving a valuable resource. The article by Alan Roper identifies 7 tips from successful online students. I summarise:

  1. Develop a time-management strategy: not a new tip but just as crucial for online learning.
  2. Make the most of online discussions: a skill I have pushed strongly in both my SharePoint days and with iLearn. For three semesters I have allocated marks for online discussion participation.
  3. Use it or lose it: apply knowledge immediately for a practical purpose as soon as you acquire it during the course.
  4. Make questions useful to your learning: more important online than ever, and online discussions make the process less frightening than asking questions in class.
  5. Stay motivated: an old faithful that is easy to promulgate but difficult to achieve.
  6. Communicate the instruction techniques that work: boils down to instructors being active continually in the online discussions.
  7. Make connections with fellow students: another old chestnut that can be achieved more successfully, and less embarrassingly, online.

I will probably use this list in general advice to my classes in future.


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