OpenID Gaining Traction


The OpenID standard (Wikipedia entry) has been gaining ground from a number of influential organisations. Last week Microsoft finally announced it would support OpenID in its own CardSpace and ID server products. By coincidence I just happened to listen to a podcast on OpenID from the Hanselminutes series. This suggested everyone creates a free OpenID URI at MyOpenID. An informative screencast from Simon Willison explains how to acquire an OpenID URI this way and shows how to use it on some web sites already supporting this new ID standard such as Technorati.

Perhaps another indicator of OpenID’s growing adoption is the announcement recently of FreeYourID. This is a domain registration service which includes an OpenID. I signed up for with an associated web site and email address of Today we see an announcement from Techcrunch that is to offer OpenID. Folks, now is the time to acquire your own OpenID.


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