Bloglets Becoming Popular

Traditional blog entries usually run to at least a paragraph or two. Composing them usually take ten minutes of your time at least as a good entry will also contain a link or two for the readers (and the blog author at a later date) to follow. That leaves a quandrary about what to do with much smaller fragments of information, maybe just a useful link with some comments (not useful for your collection), an image (not worth putting on Flickr) or video (can’t be bothered with YouTube) or just a smidgin of text. Well is the place for you. Such a micro blog or bloglet quickly allows a copy and paste with some explanatory text to be ‘blogged’ in one place for sharing with others. There is no allowance for comments and your tumblr becomes a journal of valuable small items.

Another bloglet that is getting traction is that is only text based. It is a matter of a moment to type in a few words of text on the site and create a journal of your current activity, thoughts, comments and so on. By limiting the visibility to a ‘friends’ list they can know what you are doing as time passes. Twitter extends submission to instant messenger (sadly not MSN or Yahoo) and SMS messages from your phone.

With these bloglet tools you can be blogging every few minutes! What else would you do with your life?


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