Code Camp Oz 2007

On 31 March/1 April 2007 I attended the 3rd annual Code Camp Oz held as usual at the CSU Wagga campus and ably organised by Mitch Denny and Greg Lowe of Readify. There were about 180 attendees and some excellent presentations by practicing developers. The sponsors were Readify, the Microsoft Regional Directors Program and Charles Sturt Uni.

This year Mitch and Greg opted for a single presentation stream (see below) which worked pretty well. Of the 14 talks I found all but a couple (CRM and Excel Services) beneficial. My own interests of Ajax and WPF were covered well by Paul Glavich. There were a couple of surprises too, XNA development and using multiple cores. Also Dan Green’s last talk on Saturday was a highlight let’s have more of that in future. It was great to find a fellow, avid OneNote user! It was good to catch up with fellow CSU IT colleagues over their cheese and wine tasting.

I did speak to a couple of would-be presenters who were disgruntled at having their presentation suggestions turned down. I would like to see some parallel birds-of-a-feather breakout sessions available in a second theatre in a future code camp. These could be organised as people arrive at the code camp. I would have liked to hang out with fellow Ajax developers. Nevertheless the session breaks were a useful time to network, and so some extent the dinners (however developers dinners tend to become loud and raucous at a great pace).

Overall I found the code camp very valuable a good mix of industry practice and a look into future technology developments. Thanks again to Mitch and Greg for doing such a fine job.

1 Real world experiences with ASP.NET AJAX Paul Glavich & Damian Edwards
2 Building applications you can take on the road Nick Randolph
3 Extending and managing TFS Grant Holliday
4 Windows Mobile 6 (Crossbow) Dave Glover
5 Workflow foundation and Biztalk – making the kids play together Bill Chesnut
6 Protecting against code level attacks in .NET Corneliu Tusnea & Andy Reay
7 Experiences with extending CRM Adam Cogan
8 My best tips and tricks Dan Green
9 MOSS2007 Excel Services Aaron Saikovski
10 Concurrency and Parallelism: Next generation scalable apps Joel Pobar
11 Practical Magic / SOA Chris Hewitt
12 Topics on WCF Daniel Crowley-Wilson & Paul Glavich
13 Building a real world WPF application Joseph Cooney
14 Developing with XNA Luke Drumm

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