USD 99 PC for Grandma

Interested in a USD 99 PC for your Grandma’s broadband connection? Who wouldn’t be? Check out [via]. For USD 99 you get a fanless, tiny full PC box with no hard drive or DVD drive. The cut-down Linux and apps load from flash memory. For USD 12.95/month all read/write storage uses the automatically backud-up Amazon S3 service and all software upgrades are managed automatically by Zonbu. A basic set of apps covers 99% of a typical home user’s needs but to reach that you need to add a USD 49 external CD/DVD drive. You can’t install any other Linux apps so you can’t break the system.

If you don’t like the thought of only being able to play games when your Internet connection is down you can plug in an external USB drive to store some local data.

Surely this quiet, reliable, automatically upgradable, managed PC is what a very large number of computer users are seeking. With this approach the ‘just works’ computer becomes a possibility at last. How will Microsoft respond?

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