Language-Agnostic Coding Principles

I have been listening to the Hanselminutes podcast featuring Scott Hanselman for over a year now and have come to respect his thoughts on programming. Although his bias is towards .NET Scott has a balanced view to developing software. On his blog Scott has produced a must-own list of 6 books that go to the heart of good programming practice. In summary they are:

  • Code Complete – Steve McConnell
  • The Pragmatic Programmer – Andrew Hunt and Dave Thomas
  • Programming Pearls – Jon Bentley
  • Refactoring- Fowler, Beck, Brant, Opdyke, Roberts
  • Design of the UNIX Operating System
  • Design Patterns – Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides

For more details and links to the books see Scott’s blog post: Six Essential Language Agnostic Programming Books. I can only concur with this excellent collection.

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