Start Blogging for Australia

In an SMH article “The Lost Art of Blogging” Ross Dawson, who publishes a frequent blog “Trends in Living Networks“, is quoted as saying:

“Of the top 25,000 blogs globally, around 9000 are in English”, says Mr Dawson. Of those, only 75 originate in Australia. But there are 420 million native English speakers in the world. “With Australia’s population of 21 million, we comprise 5 per cent of English speakers. But with 75 blogs out of 9000, we comprise less than 1 per cent of English blogs. We are underrepresented by a factor of six or so.”

While Ross puts this backwardness down to the poor and expensive bandwidth in Australia I think we can do much better than that with a bit of willpower and determination. Come on Australia let’s get blogging!

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