Using Facebook Professionally

The title sounds like an oxymoron. However as experience at Bond shows an increasing number of professional staff are beginning to use Facebook in a productive way. (There are 2,589 Facebook users in the Bond network at the time of writing.) Reinforcing this view is an interesting post by Judi Sohn of Web Worker Daily. entitled ’12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally’.

It is well worth reading Judi’s post in full but the 12 ways are:

  1. Only display on your profile what you’d put on your desk.
  2. Look for old co-workers and current connections.
  3. Add friends selectively.
  4. Add apps selectively.
  5. Edit your news feed preferences.
  6. Edit your profile and security settings.
  7. Incorporate the tools you’re already using into your profile.
  8. Join Groups related to your business interests.
  9. Limit time wasted on Facebook.
  10. Be philanthropic.
  11. Ask questions.
  12. Look for events.

There is some sage advice here.


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