My Vista Darkens

I purchased a Dell desktop machine for home use with Vista Ultimate installed. I was able to install all my existing peripherals except a Canon scanner. After much hassle I even was able to sync with my Windows Mobile phone but that only worked for two weeks. I was never able to get spell checking working in Office 2007. Eventually my Bluetooth Microsoft mouse stopped working!

Although there are many new and smooth features on Vista that are useful, the best being the Search box under the Start menu, the broken sync and spell checking were the killers. I have now spent a few days rebuilding my previous XP box. It is only a single 3 Ghz processor I am finding it provides better response for some important frequent tasks like browsing and Outlook email. I can now use the intelligent editor on Blackboard again!

I still have my Vista box accessible via remote desktop on my home network but it is not my primary workstation. Maybe SP1 will solve my Vista problems though I am not holding my breath. My Macbook Pro should be here on Monday and I will have yet another OS world to explore next week. The joys of being a geek.


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