Day 2 of Tech-Ed 2007 Sessions Valuable

My early session at 8:15 was given by Joseph Cooney, a stalwart Aussie presenter, who gave us an in-depth tour of WPF and XAML. Getting more details on the XAML primitives was useful as was seeing the new XAML renderer in Visual Studio 2008 beta.

For the next session I attended Charles Sterling’s (resident DPE on the Gold Coast) excellent XAML hands-on lab in the Devgarten. I just managed to finish the room project in the 1.25 hours allotted but VS2008 beta is still flaky.

After naughty doughnuts it was Mahesh Prakriya’s second talk on dynamic languages and how they link to ASP.NET and web services. Again IronPython is the most developed and the ease with which IronPython can be used with Silverlight and regular ASP.NET pages is very impressive. I can’t wait to try IronRuby when it arrives.

After lunch I attended part one of a presentation to build a complete web application in VS2008 from one of the Visual Studio product managers. This and part two later in the afternoon was a really great talk from a person who actually managed all the new features he demonstrated. The LINQ stuff and intellisense for JavaScript are the most impressive features as well as the new ListView control.

Michael Platt’s second talk on Web 2.0 for the Enterprise was a useful survey of Web 2.0 use by industry from a Microsoft perspective. Most of the examples were based on SharePoint and it was good to hear the coming extensions that make it even more suitable for Web 2.0. At Microsoft seem to be taking Web 2.0 very seriously.


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