The Rapid Pace of Software Evolution in Web 2.0

 A new blog from the GigaOM stable on software trends called not surprisingly ‘The Future of Software‘ is starting to give us a collection of short, insightful glimpses of the rapid pace of software reshaping brought on by Web 2.0. A synopsis gives the flavour:

  • Collective et al. Titled the 7 Cs of software the article adds to collective the descriptors: cyborg, closed, composed, choreographed and cognizant. Few of these adjectives immediately spring to mind but all offer a valid view of new trends.
  • One Tiny App at a Time. This supports the stand I have been making for almost a decade – better to build software out of a possibly large collection of tiny web apps each offering tightly focused functionality but can be mashed up for more complex tasks. It echoes the motto of my Ajax tools (On-the-Dot Software) which is ‘small, lightweight and really useful’.
  • REST. The web services war is over, REST has won. Controversial but increasingly true – even Microsoft, a huge supporter of WS-*, has become RESTful.
  • Data 2.0. Relational databases are becoming sidelined. New name-value storage mechanisms, so important to Web 2.0 and social media, are taking over, and don’t map well to RDBMS.
  • Browsing encompasses all. The browsing contagion is spreading to the desktop and to mobiles, so the web combines three software spaces into one.

All of these short articles are worth the read, and we are promised more every few days.


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