Writing Facebook Apps Becomes an University Subject

stanfordfb.PNGNo less an institution than Stanford is now offering a subject entitled “Create Engaging Web Applications Using Metrics and Learning on Facebook”. This raises the academic respectability of Facebook to new heights.

Of course the subject instructors have created a Facebook group to publicise the subject. Students will work in groups and the Facebook applications with the most number of actual users at the end of the subject will receive higher grades – what an incentive? The subject description includes:

Join this group if you’re interested in the new Stanford course about Facebook applications.
Taught by BJ Fogg and Dave McClure, this
class will focus on using metrics and feedback to create compelling apps for Facebook (and other social graphs).
We invite motivated students from all majors to join this group. The ability to write code is helpful but not required. You will work in teams that bring together a variety of skill sets.

May be I will get the opportunity to teach my Social Media Technology subject after all!

Thanks to the Mashable blog entry for raising this intriguing news.


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