ISN: A Unique Communications Number


I became aware this week of a really great idea – a free, unique number for any communications device for life. It’s called an ISN (ITAD Subscriber Number) where ITAD stands for Internet Telephony Administrative Domain. Consisting only of digits and a ‘*’ an ISN can be typed on all devices including a mobile phone keyboard.

An ISN is like an email address with a user-chosen name (number) followed by a delimiter (‘*’ ) then a globally-allocated and unique domain name (ITAD number). Thus an example ISN is 65874321*53428 – so easy. Read all about it at who tell us:

ISN provides an easy way for campuses, enterprises, and service providers to acquire globally-unique and globally-routable subscriber numbers to support new communications services. ISNs are free, fast, and forever yours. ISN is also protocol neutral and may be used to support SIP, XMPP, H.323 or other communications.

I can’t wait to acquire my own ISN. Perhaps our institution’s imminent implementation of VOIP will provide the opportunity. In the meantime this effort has my full support.



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