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As regular readers of this blog know I have been a long-time user of the social bookmarking service and have tried the clones that have come along and not been impressed. However, as we might guess, when Google put their minds to a Web 2.0 service like social bookmarking they will usually be competitive. Now Google has given us Shared Stuff so I had to try it.

After a few days  and a few shared links I am quite impressed as Shared Stuff (s2) seems to do a modicum of intelligent page scraping when adding the link. On the other hand, unlike, you can only add links to s2 by using the provided bookmarklet that Google provides. This bookmarklet relies on deep popup and cookie support. I had to change my IE7 popup and cookie settings a number of times to get it to work. Now it seems to work well. Take a look at the public links in my s2 collection:

Shared Stuff from Michael Rees


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