Web 2.0 Social Computing Dresses Up For Business

This looks like a valuable report for organisations about to deploy social media for corporate communications. The Executive Summary is:

Social Computing has radically changed the way people interact with both information and one another on the Internet. For example, just consider the recent YouTube presidential candidates’ debates. Now it’s coming to an enterprise near you. What’s the value? It’s the ability to more efficiently generate, self-publish, and find information, plus share expertise in a way that’s so much easier and cheaper than earlier knowledge management attempts. Before Web 2.0 takes its place at the business table, you must assess the risk and opportunities Web 2.0 represents — while recognizing that Web 2.0 is not going away, no matter what IT and the legal department wishes. As with any disruptive technology, assess the strategic value and implementation plans with an eye toward enterprise requirements including reliability, security, governance, compliance, and privacy. Also, examine your experiences from early instant messaging deployments, because the tools are similar and many parallel lessons may be learned.

Web 2.0 Social Computing Dresses Up For Business by Rob Koplowitz, G. Oliver Young – Forrester Research


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