IIS 7.0 – a web server to love at last?

Microsoft seem to have put a huge investment into IIS 7.0 that is available on Vista and Windows Server 2008. The main changes are fundamental: easy extensibility with .NET managed code and direct configuration from ASP.NET web.config files.

Some of the extensions announced this week by the tireless Scott Gurthrie might even reach the ear of the LAP brigade. My favourite extension is the beautifully named Media Pack Bit-rate Throttling Module. Without change to the media players (Silverlight, Flash and WMP) and tiny changes to your web app config you can now save bandwidth charges when serving large media files – when the user stops watching IIS stops serving.

Other extensions deserving mention are:

  • Full FastCGI support (also now available for IIS 5 and 6 via ISAPI)
  • Totally rewritten FTP service with secure FTP at last
  • Much improved local and remote IIS management tool written in .NET

Web app developers in the .NET space can smile at long last.


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