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With Peta Hopkins from our library I attended the inaugural Australian Blogging Conference known as blogoz held at QUT on Friday 28 September 2007. It was my first taste of an unconference and what a pleasurable experience it was. Full marks to Peter Black from QUT Law who was the conference director and assembled an excellent team of panelists who facilitated the discussions throughout the day. Peter was able to pull together a list of sponsors that included his own QUT Law Faculty, Microsoft, GetUp and Kwoff. The facilities from the venue, breakout rooms, WiFi access and refreshments were very good indeed for an event with no registration fee.

102 people registered to attend prior to blogoz and about 120 actually attended. The registration list also provides links to everyone’s blogs. As might be imagined from the wide range of Australian blogs themselves there was a diverse range of bloggers present as well as those people just starting or about to start out in the blogosphere. Even so I was surprised by the extent of the diversity and this made the day even more valuable.

In summary I felt privileged to be present at this first blogoz. I made several very valuable contacts and was exposed to a wide range of excellent blogs of which I was previously unaware. A most enriching day.

[I obviously have many more notes about blogoz to record as blog posts, but I think it is important to distribute my thoughts fairly quickly as they occur. As many at blogoz commented, it is preferable to read several, short posts – long posts, no matter how polished, are rarely read to the end when so many posts exist from which to choose.

Blogknot [Updated 16 May 2009]

This approach of publishing short and often generates a number of intertwined posts on a single topic. I have called these posts a blogknot being currently unaware of an equivalent term for this concept. Defining a blogknot by linking them in both directions requires a previous and next link in each post. Being a computer scientist brings to mind the doubly-linked list of our data structure fundamentals. Perhaps we can look forward to software tools to help us create, edit and discover blogknots rather than manually editing the links ourselves.

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  2. djfoobarmatt says:

    Some of the “Related Posts” plugins are getting pretty good at doing this based on keywords in your posts. Otherwise you can create sets of posts on your own blog by using tags. I think I sat next to you up the back in the “Research Blogs” session but could be mistaken.

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