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The final session at blogoz that I attended discussed the future of blogging. Our panelists were the conference director, Peter Black, and Dan Walsh of startup Kwoff. It is interesting to note that Kwoff are aiming to be the Australian version of digg and rolled into one.

There were many comments and suggestions from the audience about where blogging would go in the future but most were highly speculative and no consensus was apparent. Even though stalwart bloggers were not happy it was agreed that the microblogs like Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce (all are having a significant effect on traditional blogs. For most this was welcomed as the microblogs are seen as the home of the short, sharp (and some would say less serious) blog posts. This has meant more substantive and significant posts for traditional blogs.

I and some of the audience also believe that the blockbuster social networks sites like Myspace and Facebook are also having very significant effects on pure blogs. These social media sites add a supportive social context to the act of writing ‘blog’ posts and commenting on other posts. I know in may own case after about a month that Facebook time is stealing from pure blogging time. Again our traditional bloggers lamented this trend.

There appeared to be more support for:

  • The need to know the inter-relationships between blogs and the mass media
  • An Australian equivalent to the Pew studies in the US about how the Internet public uses blogs

As was the case at lunch there were repeated calls for blogoz attendees to come together into the future as some sort of Australia Blogging Association. While the majority of the audience were obviously in favour of this concept there were no firm plans as to how to achieve this. It was agreed that all should blog about blogoz and use the blogoz keyword on all posts.

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2 Responses to BlogOz Blogknot – Future of Blogging

  1. danwalsh33 says:

    Thanks Michael,

    Nice coverage of the discussion.

    I’d like to clarify the Kwoff intentions re, we really arent replicating any of that service as we think it serves the local Australian market well (i’m an avid user myself).

    However, Digg only serves Australians with high end Tech content. We think that the time had come for a localised social news service that concentrates on issues closer to home (Politics, Business, Culture etc), this is where Kwoff fits in.

    It was great to see you and others at the event, it was an excelent day.



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