Moving to the Connected Age of Web Work

Anne Zelenka of GigaOM would have us moving inexorably to an era beyond the information age to the connected age of web work. She gives us a table to characterise the differences between to two ages:


I agree with the description of web work but believe it just layers on top of information age artefacts. It is difficult to conceive that web work could exist without corporations, money and knowledge. Rather it behoves us to realise that the skills required for web work must be a substantial part of our educational curriculum alongside the skills for the information age.

Also the attempt to place Microsoft and Google in one column of the other is highly suspect. Yes, Microsoft was born and prospered in the information age and Google was born and prospered in the age of web work. However companies like Microsoft and Adobe have made huge investments to support web work to link their information age assets to the connected age.

The debate on these topics will no doubt widen and intensify, good stuff.

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