Married to your Laptop

I thought Merlin Mann’s post on ‘Laptops: A Blessing or a Curse?‘ began to make me uncomfortable. He says he is dangerously married to his laptop and he spends twice as much time looking at its LCD screen than ‘high-definition reality’.

In a later comment he makes the observation that ‘if I take the laptop with me … I’ll manufacture a reason to use it’. He suggests small roadblocks to make you think twice about using it such as always logging out before closing the lid. The extra time to login again might be a sufficient drag to not use the laptop.

I liked another solution from a commenter – add a large monitor and the laptop becomes an anchored machine like a desktop and doesn’t get toted around.


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  3. MikeFitz says:

    I cannot remember a time this century when I haven’t travelled with my laptop. But this weekend, I am going to be surgically excised from my laptop for three weeks.

    Mrs Fitz & I are off to France for a holiday and she refuses to let me take “the other woman” as she calls it.

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