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About 2 weeks ago I installed the Surveys, Petitions, Votes, Polls and Quizzes application on Facebook. Via their Facebook profiles Peta Hopkins and Mark Sutherland had brought this to my attention.

I used the app to create a simple survey called Use of Facebook with the welcome message ‘Just a quick survey on how you are using Facebook at present’. The description invited friends to provide a ‘Snapshot of how you are using Facebook this week’. The questions were few and simple as shown below.

Peta kindly distributed the invitation to complete the survey to the Friends and Readers of Libraries Interact several of whom answered the survey.

To date 20 people have answered and the results at the time of writing are:

Question 1: How often do you access Facebook?


Question 2: Has Facebook become part of your communication routine, like email, web page reading and blogging?


Question 3: Any other comments? (Optional)

  • the applications are confusing ….
  • used facebook to track new apps being investigated (facebook and non-facebook) by friends
  • Facebook is becoming more of a semi-professional zone for me and so I m paying more attention to the messaging and networking aspects there lately.
  • It is a fun way to meet and network with librarians – more personal than library 2.0 on Ning.
  • A little bit. Most of the time I use it to check on somebody’s health progress (rather than badger her all the time) or play heaps of Scrabble.
  • Not convinced yet by its value – but am enjoying making contact with people not seen in a while, and have benefited from a few links people of like interests have posted along the way. Mainly just a big poke-fest though! I have had one series of legitimate work related messages arranging an article to be written.
  • Interesting article here —
  • Fb is interfering with my blog reading!

My thanks to all who replied, especially the telling comments.


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