Social media and libraries

We have another link gem from Fred Stutzman that points us to an impressive report from the OCLC entitled Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World. The report ‘explores [the] web of social participation and cooperation on the Internet and how it may impact the library’s role’. Prior to addressing this main issue the 280 pages of the report contains a fabulously rich collection of Internet usage stats for the 6 countries surveyed, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the US and UK.

One fragment of a chart is:


Overall the way the charts are drawn is superb in its variety and novelty. Sadly there is no executive summary and it is a long read. But a few words from the conclusion are:

Social Web sites have gone from obscurity to mass use in the last two years. Over a quarter of respondents (28%) use social networking sites. Five social spaces are in the Alexa top ten global Web sites, including MySpace, Wikipedia and YouTube. And, use of these social spaces is growing exponentially.YouTube had over 188 million visitors in June 2007, up over 280% in one year according to comScore.


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