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As can be seen from a previous post I have been dabbling with an intriguing new Web 2.0 site called Ask500People. While it is in beta each survey is actually limited to 100 people from all over the world. When you go through the free registration you are able to suggest questions. In Digg-like fashion others can elevate your question and you can elevate questions from others. Once a survey is complete the question with the most votes is selected for the next survey.

I put in a couple of questions. According to an email alert one rose to the top at 3 am our time so I missed voting myself. The results of all survey questions are still available. My results were:


The last 7 voters and their city and country are listed on the right and the distribution of votes is shown on a Google map. A full list of votes can be accessed. Also users can comment on each survey and as you see I received 4 comments.

Incredibly the vote was absolutely evenly split so I can’t use it to influence the Queensland govt 😦


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