One a Month for 2007

Following the spirit of Peta’s example these are the first sentences of the last post for each month in this blog:


Jan Hooked on River of News Since switching to Google Reader I now read all my RSS feeds via the ‘All’ view.
Feb Massive Multi-authored Online Book Takes Off Following on the heals of my blog entry on facilitating book writing from voluntary online expert contributions we see the emergence of the ‘A Million Penguins‘ book project.
Mar Some Cool UX Technology at Microsoft Research Techfest There are several cool videocasts from Robert Scoble’s visit to the recent Microsoft Research Techfest.
Apr Wikipedia Marches On (updated) According to the latest survey from Pew/Internet about the American use of Wikipedia 36% of all adults use the online encyclopedia.
May The Playtable Has Arrived! (update) The blogs predicted this week would be it and they were right.
Jun I Like Devigners Better I envied Flashie B his chance to attend ReMix in Melbourne and enjoyed his reports and stalwart defence of his stance that one increasingly needs to be both a developer and and designer these days.
Jul Now There is Micromedia No, it’s not a company it is the outgrowth of the microblogs like Twitter and Pownce (currently in beta).
Aug Bring Home the Bacn New words from the Internet are getting stranger by the month.
Sep BlogOz Blogknot – Openings For our blogoz opening session Peter Black had invited onto the panel Senator Andrew Bartlett, John Quiggin and Duncan Riley, all eminent bloggers.
Oct Results of Facebook Survey About 2 weeks ago I installed the Surveys, Petitions, Votes, Polls and Quizzes application on Facebook.
Nov Free older versions of Camtasia and SnagIt

Having just forked out to upgrade to Camtasia version 5 I am somewhat miffed by the Lifehacker post about free, older versions of Camtasia and SnagIt becoming available.

Dec Open Access Digital Media & Learning Books from MIT Press Thanks again to Fred Stutzman for his blog post alerting us to the release of a large collection of books on digital media and learning from MIT Press.

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